Chairman's Speech Introduction of ECO Development History Qualification Honor Hardware Facilities

Zhejiang ECO Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2011, is headquartered in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province, the birthplace of the theory of "green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains". The company is mainly engaged in four business areas: oil and gas field environmental protection, organic hazardous waste disposal, site restoration and solid waste resource utilization. With strong technical strength, the company can provide customers with one-stop whole process services such as technical consultation, process design, equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning and operation services.

The company has a strong professional and technical team with Dr. Che Lei as the core, including a group of influential industry experts at home and abroad, such as Japanese experts engaged in pyrolysis technology application research for more than 30 years, academicians of the Canadian Academy of engineering, "leading talents of the national talent introduction program" and "Changjiang Scholar" national distinguished professors. Thanks to the leading professional technical research and strong engineering technical support, ECO has tackled the harmless treatment technology of dead and injured animals from the beginning to the fields of oil and gas field environmental protection, organic hazardous waste disposal, site restoration and solid waste resource utilization. The company is determined to be a leader in the field of environmental protection.

The company has perfect scientific research hardware facilities, laboratories, pilot bases, overseas research platforms, etc. The laboratory is equipped with oxygen bomb calorimetry instrument, TG-DSC synchronous thermal analysis instrument, specific surface and pore analysis instrument, ion chromatograph, meteorological chromatograph, liquid chromatograph, infrared flue gas analyzer, plasma photoelectric direct reading spectrometer, infrared spectrophotometer, multifunctional water quality analyzer, infrared oil tester, infrared oil tester, tubular furnace and other advanced experimental instruments. The pilot test base is equipped with tpds-500 pyrolysis equipment and complete tail gas and other purification equipment to ensure that the operating conditions on the project site can be perfectly simulated and provide customers with the most accurate technical scheme.

Over the past decade, the company has implemented more than 30 organic solid and hazardous waste disposal projects, with the disposal scale of more than 1.5 million tons / year, forming TPCS pyrolysis and carbonization series equipment, TPDS pyrolysis and desorption series equipment, RTDs rotary direct thermal desorption series equipment, irtds rotary indirect thermal desorption series equipment, etpds electromagnetic heating pyrolysis and desorption series equipment TGIS pyrolysis and gasification collaborative disposal series equipment and other self-developed series equipment. The service equipment and teams are all over China's major oil fields and urban areas, and the perfect service network ensures to provide convenient and fast customized services for all kinds of customers.

Over the past decade, it has won many honors, such as the national specialized and special new "little giant" enterprise, the leading innovation and entrepreneurship team of Zhejiang Province, the "specialized and special new" enterprise in environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry, the special plan for key technological innovation of Zhejiang Province, the rapid remediation technology and equipment Engineering Laboratory of contaminated sites in Zhejiang Province, and has also undertaken many national and provincial key scientific research projects.

In 2021, the company established pyrolysis Industry Technology Research Institute. Focusing on the main line of "pyrolysis technology and industrial ecological innovation", adhering to the concept of "innovation, link, sharing and symbiosis", gather high-end talents, technology and industrial resources in the industry, and strive to implement the "five wheel drive" of pyrolysis industry technology R & D, transformation of scientific and technological achievements, incubation of innovative enterprises, cultivation of scientific and technological talents and empowerment of science, technology and finance. Build an influential pyrolysis technology research center, achievement transformation platform and industrial incubation base, strive to be a leader in pyrolysis technology and equipment industry with a more open and dynamic attitude, and make new and greater contributions to the implementation of "double carbon" strategy.

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