Overview of the Institute Innovation Research Center Industry-University-Research Innovation and Entrepreneurship Expert Team R&D Achievement
The Institute is committed to promoting the accumulation of innovative resources in the pyrolysis industry, realizing the in-depth integration of policy chain, innovation chain, talent chain, industrial chain, and capital chain, and building a collaborative and open technological innovation system and industrial development ecology.


Deploying the capital chain around the innovation chain, and building a diversified technology and industry incubation system base on angel investment, strategic investment, industrial funds, government linkage investment, etc., to provide innovative and entrepreneurial teams all-round professional supports including financing investment, consulting and guidance, talent introduction, industrial resource docking and industry promotion, etc.
Gathering the most extensive industrial innovation resources, building a technological innovation system and industrial incubation system that lead industrial development, collaborative openness, and creating a new ecology of pyrolysis technology and industrial innovation development featuring resource aggregation, industry-finance integration, collaborative innovation, and shared symbiosis.

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