Application Background of Pyrolysis Technology Application Fields Process Package Classic Cases
Oil & gas Environmental Protection Organic Hazardous Waste Site Restoration Solid waste recycling

Solid waste recycling

Solid waste recycling


Application Fields:

Various plastics, rubbers and other organic products, various waste adsorbents and activated carbon, etc. from the treatment process of organic pollutants, as well as municipal sludge, household garbage, agricultural straws, etc.

Core Equipment:

TDS series of drying equipment, TPCS/TPCS-B series of pyrolysis carbonization equipment, TPOS series of pyrolysis oilification equipment, TPGS series of pyrolysis gasification equipment, TPDS (AC) series of pyrolysis desorption equipment

Technical Features:

Covering a wide range and strong pertinence.
Synergistic combination process: Equipped with a pyrolysis unit coordinated recovery/activation unit and integrated disposal and resource recycling process, the system can sort and recover various pyrolysis liquids, metals and activated activated carbon by modular and standardized equipment with strong scalability


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