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Symbiosis &Co-prosperity

Achieving customers, Creating value, Lasting cooperation and Developing together. The products provide only tangible value and are limited; The service provides intangible value, which is infinite. ECO strives to provide customers with whole process and customized services through systematic processes and models, increase the intangible value of products and improve customer satisfaction.

Achievement Milestone

  • Jun
    ECO established the first disposal project in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province
  • Jan
    The first disposal and recycling project for oil sludge by thermal pyrolysis and carbonization system(TPCS) has been successfully applied to PetroChina .
  • May
    The first kitchen waste harmless treatment system has been put into operation in several communities in Anji County.
  • Jul
    After completing five harmless disposal projects for dead and injured animals, the independent company for harmless disposal of dead and injured animals was successfully put into market operation.
  • Dec.
    The first thermal pyrolysis system for oil sludge had been developed and the pilot project for oil sludge at offshore drilling platform has been done.
  • May
    By completing the harmless disposal project of oil sludge in Changqing Oilfield, ECO has officially entered Changqing Oilfield and Yanchang oilfield.

  • Jul
    ECO completed the construction of Shanxi hazardous waste disposal comprehensive project, the first oil sludge comprehensive project in the northwest area of the company.
  • Nov
    After the oily sludge disposal project in Gansu Province was completed, the company successfully entered the Gansu market.
    The organic soil remediation project of Shanghai was completed, and the company officially entered the field of soil remediation.
  • Dec
    Anhui Municipal Sludge Disposal Project, the first demonstration project of municipal sludge pyrolysis project of the company, was completed.
  • Apr
    After the era project in Karamay, the company officially entered the oil sludge disposal area in Xinjiang district.
  • May
    After Guizhou municipal sludge disposal project was completed, the TPCS municipal sludge system was modularized.
  • Sep
    Based on Xinjiang Bazhou oily sludge disposal project, the company successfully entered the southern Xinjiang market.
  • May
    Xinjiang Sanheyuan 100000 ton pyrolysis hazardous waste comprehensive project was initiated.
  • Aug
    YKO entered Shandong market by completing Shandong oily sludge disposal project.
  • Mar
    The oily sludge comprehensive disposal project of eco-environmental protection station at Xinjing was completed.
  • Apr
    Yunnan soil remediation project was completed, becoming the first leasing service project of the company.
  • May
    The oily sludge disposal project of Xinjiang Tuha project was completed.
  • Sep
    YKO officially entered Sichuan’s market after the completion of the oily sludge disposal project at Sichuan province.
  • Nov
    After winning the bid for sulfonated mud project of Xinjiang sand transportation company, the company officially entered the field of sulfonated mud disposal.
    Liaoning project was signed, and the company successfully entered the Liaoning market.
  • Jan
    Xinjiang oily sludge disposal project was completed.
    Winning the bid for the oily sludge project of Henan Oilfield, the company officially entered the Henan market.
  • Feb
    Shandong oily sludge disposal project was completed.
  • Mar
    Winning the bid of residue disposal project, the company officially entered the field of pharmaceutical and chemical disposal.

Symbiosis & Sharing

The earth breeds all things and the environment creates life. Without good environment, there is no place for enterprises to display their talents. ECO takes environmental protection as its duty and pursues symbiosis with the environment.
Only when the country is peaceful and the people are safe and the society is harmonious can all industries prosper. ECO has the courage to undertake industry responsibilities, knows how to give back to the society and looks forward to prosper with the society.
Enterprise development needs employees, so employees are the masters of the enterprise. ECO dreams of benefiting every employee from enterprise development and sharing with employees.
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