Application Background of Pyrolysis Technology Application Fields Process Package Classic Cases
Oil & gas Environmental Protection Organic Hazardous Waste Site Restoration Solid waste recycling

Process Package

Oil & gas Environmental Protection

Application Fields:

Mud, drilling cuttings and oil sludge generated in the process of oil and gas field exploration, drilling, production, storage and transportation, oil sludge generated from the cleaning and maintenance process of oil onshore and offshore transportation and dump tools and instruments, as well as the third refining and chemical sludge.

Core Equipment:

Quenching and tempering hot washing equipment, TPDS / IRTDS series of pyrolysis desorption equipment, TPCS series of pyrolysis carbonization equipment, RTDs series of direct thermal desorption equipment

Technical Features:

All fields: applicable to organic hazardous waste treatment of various types, forms and pollutant types.
Environmental protection: no additional wastewater is generated and the organic matter removal rate is stable and reliable.
Safety: fully sealed structure, automatic inactivation and packaging of products

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