Application Background of Pyrolysis Technology Application Fields Process Package Classic Cases
Generally speaking, the advantages of pyrolysis technology are as follows:
① Higher degree of harmlessness and reduction, and smaller degree of secondary pollution
The pyrolysis process is anaerobic or anoxic reaction that the pollutants are decomposed at high temperature, the reduction degree of solid slag is high, and the reduction rate of pyrolysis products is ≤ 5%; In addition, the pyrolysis residue has high fusibility and strong consolidation ability of heavy metals; Its sewage can reach the industrial circulating water treatment standard.
② High product utilization
Pyrolysis gas having high calorific value, pure composition and easy purification treatment can realize clean incineration or direct power generation. It has high recovery and utilization rate. Pyrolysis tar can be used as high-quality fuel.
③ Reliable operation and long service life
The pyrolysis system process has few moving parts, slow uniform speed and stable structure. Because the transmission parts work at normal temperature, there are no moving parts inside, and there are no problems of wear and high temperature damage to parts, the system has high reliability, long overhaul cycle and long service life of main equipment.
④ Low investment and operation cost
The pyrolysis system has the advantages of simple overall structure, small investment and small floor area. Under the condition that the environmental protection standards such as tail gas treatment are consistent, the investment of pyrolysis unit system is generally 1 / 3 of that of incineration facilities. The system has simple control, few control parameters, low energy consumption and less power consumption. There is no need for induced draft system with large energy consumption. The system energy consumption is 35-70nm3 / T, and the operation cost is 200-400 yuan / ton, which is lower than combustion energy consumption and low operation cost.
⑤ Wide range of objects treated
Common organic solid wastes, such as agricultural waste, chemical sludge, domestic waste, municipal sludge, waste plastics and industrial packaging, can be treated by pyrolysis technology.
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