Overview of the Institute Innovation Research Center Industry-University-Research Innovation and Entrepreneurship Expert Team R&D Achievement


ECO Technology Research Institute of Pyrolysis Industry
Mission:Leading the ecological innovation of pyrolysis technology and industry, and being the guardian of carbon and oxygen balance
Concept:Innovation, Linking, Sharing, Symbiosis.
Vision: Focusing on the main line of "pyrolysis technology and industrial ecological innovation", adhereing to the concept of "innovation, linking, sharing and symbiosis", gathering top-level talents, technology and resources in the industry, striving to implement the "Five Wheel Drive" of pyrolysis industry technology research, transformation of scientific and technological achievements, innovative enterprise incubation, training of scientific and technological talents and empowerment of science, technology and finance, and forging a pyrolysis technology research center, achievement transformation platform and industrial incubation base with global influence.

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